My baby was crying every night, had nappy rash and excema. Thanks to NAET my daughter was so much calmer after only the first treatment and by the time we completed egg mix and calcium mix, she was a diiferent child, smiling all the time and sleeping mainly through the night. Now I think my daughter was reacting to the cows milk we had started giving her. So happy we found out about NAET.

Louise, Moreton,  Wirral

I suffered from severe Dysphagia (unable to swallow food) for several months and was eventually hospitalised. The doctors could not find the cause and I was eventually sent home living off nutritional drinks. I had lost several stone, had to give up my job and felt quite depressed. I started NAET treatments with Karen and initially was quite sceptical about whether it would work. I had 7 treatments, and eventually started to be able to eat soup and soft food. Eventually I regained most of my weight and managed to go back to work. I’m so glad I gave NAET a try.

Christine, Pensby, Wirral

My 14 year old daughter was having problems concentrating at school and was reacting to many foods such as gluten, sugar, milk and fruits. After 15 basic treatments, she was calmer and her school results started to improve. We also don’t have to worry now about buying expensive gluten free bread or diary free milk anymore.

Karen, Heswall, Wirral