Allergy testing

There are several different ways of testing for allergies and sensitivities. Western medical tests may include blood tests such as RAST and ELISA. Other testing methods include skin testing using the ‘intra-dermal test’, ‘patch test’ or ‘scratch test’. None of these tests are particularly pleasant, especially for young children.

Kinesiology for allergy testing

Instead NAET uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify allergies and sensitivities.

Muscle testing is an effective and reliable method for testing allergies to foods, environmental agents and chemicals. It has been proven through research to show a high correlation (over 90%) with western medical testing methods such as RAST and ELISA.

Kinesiology may in fact be more sensitive than western testing methods as it tends to show up sensitivities and intolerances, such as lactose intolerance which may not show positive by conventional testing methods.

During your first NAET consultation and treatment, we will test for a number of allergies and sensitivities to foods and nutrients such as egg, calcium (milk), vitamin C, sugar, vitamin B complex, iron, vitamin A (associated with fish allergy), grains (wheat and gluten intolerance).

If you have a specific allergy you would like testing during the first consultation such as dust mites or cat dander, then we will test these also for you. Please inform us prior to your consultation as to a particular allergy you may have or suspect.